This house is known under the name trullo, a typical home in the region of Puglia with a unique architecture in the shape of a cone that date back centuries ago.
Trulli are also UNESCO World Heritage.


A Trullo restoration is a craft which only occurs in the “zona dei trulli”.
Especially the special work of the “coni” (dome roofs), they can only be done by a professional.

“Puglia” the undiscovered treasure of Italy with the best-kept secrets is a shining region with many identities, rich of nature, history, art and monuments.

The colors, smells and tastes of its lovely hills and breathtaking landscape where the air and the sea is still pure and clean will surprise you.

Did you know that Puglia has 800 km of coastline?

It is the region of the medieval castles, Romanesque cathedrals and baroque palaces with a magnificent cultural history.
This region is also the largest producer of olives, fresh local food and wine. All heavenly tasty.

A visit to this cozy area is certainly worth it.